How to spend quality time with your children during quarantine time?

How to spend quality time with your children during quarantine time?

As the new Coronavirus pandemic continues to take hold of the United States, more and more families find themselves in quarantine and isolation. For Children, this situation can be scary at worst and boring at best.


An expert of Parenting Rachel Simmons has recommended some tips to help parents quell quarantined children’s fears and keep them occupied.


  1. Maintain a routine

Rachel Simmons said: “giving children structure makes them feel safe”.


That means maintaining the usual meal and sleep times as well as involving the kids in creating a new daily plan. Ask your child: How do you want to spend your day? Be more creative and use the reusable resources at home. For example: create a handcraft by using the carton, to do some indoor exercise, or teach your child how to cook!




  1. Engage in Household chores

Children starting from three-year-old gain benefits if parents include some manageable chores in their timetable (American academy of pediatrics). You might find that sometimes that your kid feels entertained while helping you with household chores. It will both keep the kid occupied and help it to grow up as a responsibility person. However, considering the age level of your kid, you can select chores like organizing their own wardrobe, sorting out their own dirty laundry, cleaning its own bed, bringing things you need from another room, breaking the shell of an egg etc.




  1. Earn screen time

To avoid having kids and teens spend hours on their phone or video games. You can create a system that let kids earn their screen time.

Such as: “look, here’s the vacuum, you take care of the living room and you can earn 20 minutes of game time.



  1. Spend quality time

Every negative thing comes with a bit of positive. In the hectic day, you may barely manage time to sit and listen to your kids. Now you can utilize the home quarantine period in strengthening the bonding with your kids. Try to spend more quality time with your kids and do whatever the kid gets fun of. Let them to choose their favorite food and start cooking together. Thus, themed of your kid will get occupied in learning a new thing, which can make it feel like a winner. Besides that, you can cuddle together while watching a children’s movie or reading a book. You can also arrange an indoor picnic with family members or showcase your voice and your dance. All these small attempts will make the kids forget about stepping out from home until the quarantine phase ends.




  1. Engage them in creative tasks

The holiday of a kid is meant to play with friends. The home quarantine can be relaxing for adults, but it sounds like a punishment for young kids. To save your kid from feeling monotony you can engage it with some productive and motivating tasks. you can encourage your kid to build a structure with logos utilizing its own imagination and creativity. You can also employ the kid in solving puzzles, which will not only sharpen its memory. Doing fun with scientist experiments your kid may discover its own passion.



How do you spend your day with your family and children? Leave us a comment and share your experience with others.


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