An excellent collapsible baby bathtub is all baby's lovers!

An excellent collapsible baby bathtub is all baby's lovers!

Giving your baby's skin a good clean is a problem that every parent must face every day, so it's essential to choose an environmentally friendly, high-quality baby bath for your baby to use. 

So, which is the best baby bathtub to choose?

Today, we will recommend this lightweight, collapsible Beberoad baby bathtub so that parents and babies will enjoy a good bath time!

01 Outstanding exterior

Beberoad collapsible baby bathtub belongs to the nordic minimalist style, cartoon shape, looks clean and comfortable with three colours options. 

02 Excellent space-saving design

Beberoad collapsible baby bathtub can be foldable (thickness is only 3.9 inches), light and stackable flat, easy to carry anywhere, anytime!

03 Material environmental protection

Beberoad collapsible baby bathtub is non-slip wear-resistant, BPA-free, PP and TPE environmentally friendly materials.

04 Safety is guaranteed

Beberoad collapsible baby bathtub is a suitable depth design. Still, all around the corners are rounded treatments, so mothers do not worry about the baby bumping into, and the bottom and side have a non-slip design to keep your baby safe. 

The most important thing is that you can get a water line of your babysitting tall, mainly to protect the baby to prevent choking and drowning when slipping. In addition, there is a smooth plug at the bottom for quick drainage! 

05 Small volume large capacity

Beberoad collapsible baby bathtub can be full of water, suitable for a four-year-old baby to play with, and there will be good storage for toys when the children are old. Besides, I think it will be a good bathtub for your pets as well. 

06 More comfortable to use with the bath rack

If the newborn babies can not sit or stand, bathing is lying, optional for the 0-8 months baby, a newborn bath rack is better. 

Now, Beberoad collapsible baby bathtub has 30% OFF SALE and prepared an extra 10% discount for new consumers, get yours today!


Henry From Beberoad

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