How To Be a Better Parent

How To Be a Better Parent

To be a good parent is always not easy for most parents. Especially nowadays, the competition in this world is getting more fierce. We are getting richer on material wealth and technologies, but all humans on this earth seem to have to work harder than past. We are like in race competition, running 24/7 non-stop.

In this involution society, humans are getting more pressure from work, community, and even school. As we know, parents with high pressure are not suitable for their families, and we are easier to be out of control and get an impatient while with our babies and kids.

How to be a better parent in such a difficult situation? I do not have a list of tips and methods for share, because the most important thing is we have to be wise on macro. Otherwise, the small tips and list of actions that you've learned from somewhere may not work smoothly with you. 

The most two big things we have to do in our life are readying and exercise, we can get so many positive results from them. 

reading books


Reading can give us knowledge and wisdom and make us understand the world and life deeper. Then we can be more wise and patient with our kids, not just putting our kids into the race competition for their life, but helping inspire kids to find the meaning of life, and then they can enjoy it.

As Charlie Munger said: 'I've never met a smart man who doesn't read. To be a better parent, we have to be better people. Reading is the "shortest" way to make us better, but it takes time; does it sound like a paradox? Yes, because there is no shortest way to success, it will be easy if you do it every day as like a habit. 

If we start from now on, it is never too late.

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Sports and Exercise 

Everyone knows that doing sports makes our body more robust and can increase our hormones to resist stress. Exercises are also remoulding our brain and bringing more happiness to our life. Refer to the book written by John J.Ratey and Eric Hagerman <<SPARK-The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain>>. There are many cases and data provided in the book that proved the finding.

SPARK-The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

We have to be better at our body and brain, and then we can do the parent's jobs better. It's like a fabulous computer needs both suitable hardware and good software. Our parental life will be easier if we are better at our body health and brain. 

As for the good tips on being a good parent, you will meet them from the good books you read. 

Let's start the Reading and exercise from now on, not just being a better parent but also a better person. 


Mark from Beberoad

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