Parent's tips: What should you do with a 12 months toddler?

Parent's tips: What should you do with a 12 months toddler?

A child of 12 months is already a reasonably well-formed personality, which their words, mood, activities can surprise parents so much.

Having a 12 months toddler, parents always found more comic moments. Smile with grandpa, afraid of strangers, copycat, constantly repeating simple words, they even know to share the love with parents, laughing if something makes him laugh and crying if he is injured. It means that the toddler's brain analyzes the surroundings and does some activity with them. Variety of change for 12 Months toddlers and parents what should you do with your toddlers?  

Toddlers physical data

Usually, physical data of 12 months toddlers: weight 9.8kg-10.5kg, the height reaches 76cm, at this age, they will continue growing fast. The sleep habits of a 12 months child are also changing, from 16-17 hours per day change to 10 hours per day and two times of sharing. Good sleep can help the baby grow faster and better; therefore, a baby spa is essential for better sleep, and a collapsible baby bathtub is highly recommended. 

baby bathtub for toddler

Toys & books for toddlers 

At 12 months, all things can cache their sight, especially toys and books. Parents need to play with them, read books, and sing songs. Toys will be big enough that toddlers can't eat them, readers will be beautiful and have lots of cartoon pictures. A variety of toys and brig colourful books allow realizing and touching. It is excellent for a child of the 1st year.
beberoad kids scooter

Toddlers speech in 12 months

A 12 months toddler speech, parents must be the first teachers. Whether at home or outdoor, showing toddlers different things will be fascinating and like to communicate with you. At this stage, he can understand the words "no", "yes", "eat", "drink", and some simple words, toddlers

 will try to say "yes", "no", "dad", "mom" etc. 

At 12 months, a child likes to be in company with adults, and already sufficiently developed to recognize objects on their cartoon books or TV, they can realize happy or upset feelings in their eyes. Those will be good things to build toddlers speech. 


Toddlers safety in 12 months

A child of 12 months could feel unsafe, especially after falling down injury. The instinct of self-preservation in 12 months toddlers is almost absent, precisely their curiosity that drives them to danger, then fall into a bathtub with water, fall from the chair and stairs. He begins to fear and loudly howl, calling for help from his parents. Now, these are the first signs of fear of danger. It means that the child's brain has some safety actively developing. 

Many minor accidents surround the toddler daily, although this is the growth proceeds. Parents must be careful to prevent danger from toddlers, like falling downstairs, preparing a baby safety gate is essential.

For a child of 12 months, all things will be unexpected. Perhaps they can be sensitive, unaware of the danger, mischievous, or get hurt, but please do not care about these. For parents, many surprises will happen at this stage, and you will involve family fun time. The most important thing is, "What should you do with a 12 months Toddler" isn't it?


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