How to choose a Compact & Lightweight baby stroller?

How to choose a Compact & Lightweight baby stroller?

Strollers are complicated products and parents usually have no much experiences on how to choose strollers before using them, It is always not easy for even an experienced parent to choose a right compact & lightweight baby stroller. I know people bought 5 strollers in total as he is not satisfied with all the previous strollers after using for a short period of time. 

As a stroller engineer from 2000 till now and also a parent, here are my opinions for how to choose a compact and lightweight stroller.   


Usually, the all-purpose(normal stroller) strollers are big, heavy, and complicated on folding and unfolding, those disadvantages can bring you many inconveniences when you are travelling or living in the big city, troubles including:

  • It takes much time and too complicated to fold the stroller
  • The stroller may not fit into the taxi trunk when you also with other luggage
  • You have to check-in your stroller before boarding at the airport.
  • Your stroller may be damaged, lost, parts lost in oversize baggage check-in
  • You will spend a long time on stroller check-in and wait in the oversize baggage claim
  • If you are a lady, you probably unable to lift the stroller and bring it to upstairs if there are some steps on your way
  • It is difficult to take the subway and train or another public traffics with your big stroller

A Compact and Lightweight stroller is more convenient and easy on travel, especially when you alone.

With a good compact and lightweight you can

  • Easily and quickly fold and open the stroller even you are carrying your baby with one hand
  • The compact size has no problem to fit the car trunk and your other luggage
  • You can board with your stroller in the airport, no need to check your stroller
  • You can push the stroller to your seat in the plane and then put it on the cabinet on the top of your head 
  • Your stroller will not be lost or damaged in the airport
  • It is easy to fold and then carry it onto the steps, even you are not a strong lady
  • It is flexible when taking the subway and train, or other public traffics, and in some small shops


The most important features for a great compact & lightweight stroller

  1. It must be compact, how compact? it should fit with most of the plane cabinet so you can push your stroller into the plane, no need to check-in your stroller. this is very important as many strollers were damaged and lost in the airport, and also you can use your stroller in the airport while waiting for boarding

  2. It must be lightweight, how light? a good lightweight stroller should not over then 6.5kg (14.3lbs), so it is easy for even moms to lift it while need. 

  3. It should be very easy on folding and unfolding the stroller

  4. Comfortable for baby, the main features that provide comfort to kids:
    The similar size of the seat to normal strollers - More space in the seat of baby stroller is always important for babies as sometimes they are sitting a long time and do not like the tight space,  and sometimes they will play toys or take a nap in the stroller.
    Wheels with suspension - To absorb the shakes and impacts from road so baby feels comfortable.

    Multiple seats back reclining - Make sure your baby in a comfortable posture no matter she/he is sitting or sleeping
    Full cover canopy - Fully cover your baby while in sleeping, stops strong lights and cold windy. it would be better if the canopy with anti-UV or waterproof functions.

    Thick padding on the seat - Soft for infant
    Soft and smooth harness belts - Hard and rough belts are not friendly to baby skin
    With a removable front bar - kids like to handle it while in sitting
  1. Easy for parents
    All functions should be easy to operate, especially should be very easy on folding and unfolding. lightweight and compact, with cup holder, big storage basket
  2. Similar functions like normal size stroller
    A good compact stroller should without sacrifice the functions that normal size stroller has.
  3. Well design and nice appearance
    We always spend a lot of time on choosing nice clothes and shoes, handbags, etc., because people care about their appearance, so I think your baby stroller also should be looking great to match your clothes because you will push it on streets very often. Do you agree?

  4. Durable and stable, last for long
    The compact and lightweight stroller should be the same strong and durable as big strollers because no one will like the roadside breakdown with your baby. 
  5. Good materials
    All strollers should use good materials because it is a baby product! it supports babies’ and children’s body and rolling on the different roads for years. 
  6. Safety
    All strollers should pass the required safety certifications like ASTM F833 (US) or EN1888 (Europe), or others. 

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Thanks for reading and hope this article can help you to find your great compact stroller. 


Mark from Beberoad

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