A Good Gate for Keeping Babies Safe

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Every house needs a sturdy baby gate. Whether you need to keep your crawler away from the stairs or want to keep the toddlers in a particular safety area of the house. The baby safety gate will be your first choice! However, when you browse the online shops of baby safety gate, there are thousands of choices that make you dazzling. 

baby safety gate

"There is no doubt, a good baby safety gate ensures your little one from stairway spills and keeps the injury from kids “, —said Mark, the Founder of Beberoad. The research data shows that more than 93,000 children under the age of five are injured from stair-related falling each year. Unfortunately, 1% of these injuries are also associated with baby safety gates, such as head clamped, collisions.

baby safety gate

Therefore, how do we choose a baby safety gate which is suitable for parents' needs? Here are five features you need to know!

baby safety gate

Barrier-free Design: There are no floor fixtures or thresholds when retracting the reel, so you can safely walk back and forth without being tripped or interfered with.

Easy Operation: Super easy to remove the gate and re-attach. It is easy to store the gate when removed from the door as it is just retracted into a cylinder. Easy to lock and unlock the gate with one hand while holding the baby. 

baby safety gate

Indoor & Outdoor Safety Gate: Can be installed for stairways, doorways, hallways, indoor and outdoor use. Includes components for easy installation: screws, catch mounts, installation guide templates. It can be used not only as a baby safety gate but also as a pet gate. So it can be installed in various places where babies and pets may enter.

Flexible Installation Width, From 0 to 51in (0-130cm):

  • The maximum width of the mesh gate is 51in (130cm).
  • The height is 35in (89cm).
  • The mesh wall is rolled and can be adjusted in width.
baby safety gate


Easy but Safe Lock Device: the gate is opened and closed by tightening the knob on the shaft, which is easy for adults to operate and difficult for children to open and close.

Note: The mounts of retractable safety gates must be fitted between rigid surfaces such as plasterboard, timber, or hardware. 


Henry from Beberoad

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