How to choose a baby bathtub for newborn babies?

How to choose a baby bathtub for newborn babies?

Nowadays, there are various baby bathtubs in the market. So, how to choose it rightly? Materials, quality, size and brand, are basic things that most baby bathtubs have similarly.

The following tips are the essential features for you to choose a better bathtub for your litter ones:


The traditional baby bathtub is usually made with a solid shape in large size, which takes ample space in your bathroom when it is not in use, and it gets dirty from inside the bathtub when idle for long.  It would be best if you had a foldable bathtub. It can be stored under the washstand, behind the door or hung on the wall when it has folded.  It is much thinner after folded and takes much smaller space than a traditional bathtub.

2.Cute Design and bright colours

Baby and kids are not always happy to bathe. A cartoon or kids-friendly bathtub with bright colours will attract babies and kids, and they will be more enjoyable in bath time. 


The bathtub should be smooth on all the edges and parts that babies can touch because their skin is very soft. The soft plastic materials that used on the foldable bathtub is more friendly for baby.

4.Thermal insulation

The kid usually enjoys playing in the water for a long time, so it is a great feature if the bathtub can keep the warm water longer. The TPE soft plastic usually used on the foldable bathtub also provides thermal insulation, which is better than traditional hard plastics.


No moms want to move a heavy bathtub while holding the baby with one arm. It should be lightweight, of course. Besides this, if you do not wish to use the bathtub in a hotel, a foldable and lightweight baby bathtub can be brought into a hotel while travelling by car.


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