A good helper can free your hands!

A good helper can free your hands!

When you go out with your 15 months and five-year-old babies, Do you feel you don't have enough "hands" to organise all the staff?

Yes, me neither.

Baby Stroller Glider Board

With two babies going on the street, I wish I have "eight hands" to take care of both of them.

It is the same issue due to many families. Therefore, to free your hands, Mark, the chief designer of beberoad, spent two years developing this Baby Stroller Glider Board, which can easily detach into different kinds of strollers, becoming a good helper in your shopping time!


Today let me introduce to you our New Baby Stroller Glider Board!

Baby Stroller Glider Board


The seat thickens with a foam cushion; handles are on the centre, so your child is safe and comfortable on the off-road vehicle board.

*Try to get your child to hold the stroller's handle with both hands, then your child can stand on one foot on the flat road to help you push the cart joyfully.


When your babies are tired after the long off-road time with the rider, there can step on the footboard watch the scenery along the way.

The Glider Board has a 3-stage seat adjusted due to your children's height.


After exercising and enjoying the beautiful scenery, It's an excellent choice to have a rest and a good day to chat with children on the soft cushion.


Elain from Beberoad

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