Beberoad Baby 2022 Reset & Refresh

Beberoad Baby 2022 Reset & Refresh

The challenging year of 2021 has passed. We sincerely thank all Beberoad's consumers & employees for their support in the past year and wish all success in their work, health, and happiness in the New Year.

Looking back on the past year, 2021 has been an extraordinary year for Beberoad, with the launches of the new products that have gained deep recognition among consumers. The portable travelling bassinet-New moon, the 5 in 1 Multifunctional Kids scooter-Rider, the Lovely Portable Baby Bathtub -Cayman, all those products are loved by consumers from the different nations of the world; We are so proud and happy with that result.

Thanks to the customer's feedback, we upgraded consumers' favourite products this year: Beberoad R2 Lightweight Compact Stroller, Universal Stroller Glider Board, considered more user-friendly and baby-friendly. 

Beberoad also received lots of interest from new retailers. Our products are selling onto many offline platforms, such as Target, Walmart, Rakuten Japan etc. we supposed more than 17 new platforms would have Beberoad in 2022. 

Beberoad's mission is to develop dramatically better baby products to keep striving to make babies and parents live cozily and always prioritise better outcomes. Our design and development team are also exciting about launching new products in the coming year, which I will keep a secret at this point. 


Beberoad is expanding rapidly in European and Asian countries by establishing a presence across local mainstream sales channels and e-commerce platforms. Given the continued rise in sales in these markets where its products have gained increasing popularity among local consumers, the brand plans to launch e-commerce businesses in Saudi Arabia and Australia, among other new markets.

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