Tips for buying a baby bathtub

Tips for buying a baby bathtub

Bathing your baby is a surprisingly stressful experience. You'll probably worry about accidental drowning, too-hot or too-cold water temperatures, and much more. But there's an easy way to prevent common bath time accidents: buying a safe and practical newborn bathtub. To make the process less complicated, here's what you should know when purchasing a baby tub.

Babies shouldn't take baths in their grown-up bathtubs. It's too difficult to keep your infant afloat while bending over the basin, squirting shampoo onto your washcloth, and gently washing his slippery body. Your back and knees will surely ache by the end of the ritual! As a safer alternative, most parents opt for a portable baby tub instead. 

Pick the right bathtub size. 

Consider the size of the bathtub you buy not only for infants but also for toddlers. The tub can stay with the baby for a long time as the baby grows, and the robustness of the tub can adapt to the growth rate of the children. That will be better. The baby bathtub can fit two babies so that the brothers' bath will add more fun.

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Baby bathtub safety and height

When selecting a baby bathtub, be sure to look at the height of the tub. The tub's sides must reach a specific size to prevent the baby from falling and climbing out of the tub at any time. In addition, the mother must also pay attention to find out whether the corners of the bathtub have sharp little thorns.

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Foldable Baby Tubs

The space-saving design makes it easy to store and convenient to use at home or when travelling, encouraging more shared bath time moments.

foldable baby bathtub


Don't let a baby provide you with a false sense of security whatever you decide to buy. Always stay within arm’s reach of your child in the bath, whether you're using a bath ring, baby bath seat, or bathtub, or if you simply have the child in the tub itself。Remember, you are your baby's best safety monitor!


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